Countries with Legal Slavery 2020: Global Report and Updates

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Exploring Legal Slavery in 2020: 10 Questions and Answers

Question Answer
Is slavery legally practiced in any country in 2020? Yes, unfortunately, there are still countries where slavery is legally practiced. It is a shocking reality that demands attention and action.
Which countries still have legal slavery in 2020? Sadly, countries like Mauritania, North Korea, and Eritrea are known to still have legal slavery. It`s crucial to advocate for the rights of those affected.
What international laws exist to combat legal slavery? Several international laws, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization conventions, aim to combat and abolish legal slavery worldwide.
How does the legal system in countries with slavery address this issue? The legal systems in these countries vary, and the enforcement of laws against slavery may be lacking. International pressure and advocacy are often necessary to bring about change.
What can individuals and organizations do to combat legal slavery in these countries? Individuals and organizations can raise awareness, support antislavery initiatives, and apply pressure on governments and international bodies to take action against legal slavery.
Are there ongoing efforts to eradicate legal slavery in these countries? Yes, there are ongoing efforts by various organizations and activists to eradicate legal slavery in these countries. The fight against slavery is relentless.
What are the challenges in prosecuting perpetrators of legal slavery? Challenges include lack of legal infrastructure, corruption, and social acceptance of slavery in some regions. These challenges requires and intervention.
How does the international community support efforts to end legal slavery? The international community provides funding, resources, and advocacy for efforts to end legal slavery. Collaboration across borders is essential in this fight.
What are the long-term consequences of legal slavery on affected individuals and societies? Legal slavery has devastating long-term consequences, including physical and psychological trauma, generational impact, and perpetuation of cycles of poverty and exploitation.
How can legal professionals contribute to the fight against legal slavery? Legal professionals can use their expertise to advocate for legal reforms, provide pro bono services to victims, and participate in international initiatives to combat legal slavery.

The Reality of Legal Slavery in 2020

When we think of slavery, we often conjure up images of a bygone era, but the unfortunate truth is that slavery still exists in the world today. While practice is condemned, still that have yet to fully this crime. In this post, we will explore the current landscape of legal slavery in 2020 and shed light on some alarming statistics and case studies.


According to Global Slavery Index, estimated 40.3 people living in modern worldwide. Includes labor, marriage, and trafficking. The index also that slavery in every of the world, developed countries.

Countries with Legal Slavery

Here are some of the countries where slavery is still legal as of 2020:

Country Type slavery
Mauritania Chattel and labor
North Korea Forced camps
Afghanistan Debt bondage
Pakistan Forced in and kilns
India Forced labor and forced marriage

Case Studies

One particularly alarming case is that of Mauritania, where slavery is deeply entrenched in society. Being officially in 1981, practice continues with an 90,000 to 140,000 living in slavery. The government has been criticized for its lack of enforcement of anti-slavery laws, and activists continue to fight for the freedom of those affected.

Similarly, Pakistan, bonded is prevalent particularly the and kiln industries. Are trapped a of and unable to due to practices by employers.

It is that while progress been in the against slavery, is still work to done. The existence of legal slavery in 2020 is a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for human rights and dignity. Global it our to for the of this practice and the of those working to modern slavery.

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