Resilience & Mandarins

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with Resilient Minds' Jamie Ford

I think the simple way of understanding it is, the ability to bounce back quickly from adversities, setbacks and things that are outside of our control. Things that we’re not going let ourselves get derailed by and how we must take control of the way that we think about these things.

The model of resilience that we’ve built our business on has helped us with clients like Canterbury Rugby, the Australian Government, Oxfam and a whole range of high profile organizations. The model says that it’s not only the way that someone not reacts, but responds (because that’s more about their own choice), to not only to adversities, but also the way we respond to our achievements and successes. Often we Kiwis actually limit the effectiveness of our resilience by the way that we tend to down play our achievements.

I believe It’s a failure in education that we don’t teach Children that their emotions are the outcome of their own thinking. You don’t feel agitated and upset because of the actions of someone else. You actually feel agitated and upset because of the way you’re thinking about the actions of other people. So a big part of their resilience is teaching people that they have control over the thinking. Which thing has a dramatic effect on their emotions? Which thing has a dramatic effect on the behavior and actions I made?

At the moment, the focus has to be on how we are dealing with adversities. Are we going to sit back with the negative impact of the Virus and the situation none of us thought we could possibly find ourselves in, or manage our thinking and emotions? We have come up with a couple of formulas that actually help us understand this. You know think that it’s going to be like this forever. It’s good to think of the current situation as a mandarin. The impact of Covid-19 is simply a blip, or one segment of a mandarin. Yes, your business may have lost some customers. It hasn’t lost every customer.

The most important thing to take away from this is, your current situation is just one segment in a mandarin in the bag of mandarins and how you react is a decision you make.

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