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AI for Small Business Workshop

When: Thursday 25th January 2024

Where: AUT Millenium

Transform your business with AI!

This full day intense and interactive workshop is designed to give you the tools and strategies power up business development, enhance the team performance and grow your revenue and improve profit.

Key Highlights:

  • Revolutionary Sales Techniques: Learn how AI can help you stand out in a crowded market, moving beyond competing on price.
  • Empower Your Team: Discover AI strategies that align your team with your vision, making them as passionate about your business as you are.
  • Boost Profit and Cash Flow: Break free from the “price-only” treadmill and see tangible improvements in your financial health.

90 Day Growth Planning Workshop

When: Friday 23rd February 2024

Where: AUT Millenium

Our 90 Day Growth Summits are run as an in-person event and are a great way to get ahead for the next quarter of the year.

The day will be full of strategic planning via small workshops, breakout rooms with our incredible team of business coaches, mini-seminars and working together on a plan to kickstart the next 90 days.

"These are energetic, fun and relevant workshops. Focusing right on the numbers and gives you tactics, ideas and plans to move forward."

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Pub Learning: Leverage

When: TBC

Where: The Backyard Bar


Join me and some fantastic fellow business owners for a night of fun, food, beer, networking and the best business board game you have ever played. Leverage is a game of strategic planning that helps you hone your business savvy without realising it! Our Pub Learning nights are always a huge success, so we welcome you to join us!

"I had some big learnings around conversion rate and how much on an impact that has on your results"

Previous Pub Learning Attendee

"The biggest thing I took away from it was finding out which individual number in my company really helps me move forward and reach my targets"

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