Personal Success Programmes

Define and Create Your Own Success – with Lee Martelli

Successful people have a strong sense of purpose. They are crystal clear about what success looks like, and know they are heading in the right direction.

Our Deliberate Success programmes help you realise which of the 10 success behaviours you already do well, and what areas you can develop.

You’ll learn the best tools you can use in your life for the most success.

We love helping people see their best self, and create their success profiles and plans.

We guarantee our PSPs will transform you with visible difference in your life.

There’s no judgement – only support with proven methods by an accredited Deliberate Success facilitator.

Key Outcomes:

Programmes We Offer:

If you’d like to learn more about the Personal Success Programmes, you can contact us below by filling out the form, or you can check out this great podcast by Dr David Keane on the 10 Behaviours!

About The Facilitator

Lee Martelli

After participating in Deliberate Success training herself and gaining huge benefit, Lee took the opportunity to become an accredited Deliberate Success facilitator.

With a background in education and evaluation, Lee knows that we all need to engage with information in our own way. Lee enjoys working with people to help unlock their best path to future success and growth. Lee finds it particularly rewarding to work with young people, and also provide clarity for those undertaking life and career transitions.

Deliberate Success is based on proven research, and Lee is always thirsty to learn the latest in order to always bring the people she works with the best tools and approaches.

With Management, strategy development, community engagement and government experience, Lee offers a unique background to support others.

Lee has a daughter and two stepsons and is married the Business Maestro & ACBE Prinicipal, Kerry Wood. On the weekend, Lee enjoys gardening, swimming and her singing and dance classes. You’ll also always find Lee’s head in the latest business process development book!

Details About The Courses Lee Offers:

You Decide ~ JUMP Programme For Students Migrating Into Work

This Personal Success Programme is for young people aged 18-24 who are currently students and will soon be completing their study and moving into work.

These kind of pivotal life transitions can be scary and unknown. This programme provides a clear pathway for young people to successfully navigate the changes in their life.

This programme includes:

Lee & her first group of young adults to complete her You Decide ~ JUMP Programme earlier in 2021

This programme is called You Decide as the location, timing and food provided can be decided by participants. This enables the maximum engagement and leadership by the young people, and better meets their needs.

This programme can be delivered as:

A Full-Day Workshop

Three 2-hour workshops & an awards dinner

Individual coaching

School groups, sports teams, music groups, gifted & talented classes and other existing social groups are good options to join the programme. Then there is good opportunity for participants to talk to their peers about the programme content.

To enquire about this programme, email, fill in the contact form above, or call Lee on 021-515-373. 

Don't just take it from us, here's what past You Decide participants have said:

"Coming into the course I was bit unsure what to expect. Lee was very warm and welcoming, creating an environment where individuals can come together and work on themselves constructively free of judgement. This course has given me the tools to succeed on a daily basis. These range from time management techniques to self-reflection and evaluation. I have really made changes in my day-to-day life as a university student. Those that are looking to better themselves and take their development into their own hands, this is the course and mentor for you."

"This course helped me organize my life and remove unnecessary stress. It helped me figure out what parts of my life I'm good at and what I need to improve. I am now much better at organizing myself and planning out my days."

"I found the deliberate success workshop to be well structured and thought out in both content and explanation. The ULP which was created is something I can see myself using going forward, while currently it has served in showing me where I see myself going in life. Lee as a presenter was very helpful in both her explanations and her understanding of people’s personal experiences. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a new outlook on life."

Retire With Success

The goal of this programme is to help retiring workers go through a process to find meaning and purpose in their retirement.
When thinking about retirement, initially it may seem like a golden age where you are free to do the things you’ve always wanted. You have much more free time, and you can relax and spend more time with family.

For people who have had a lot of success and achievement in their work life, the realities of retirement can be hard to manage. Without any set goals or direction which is often provided in work environments, you can be left without any shape to your days.

This Personal Success Programme helps those retiring to articulate their own core purpose, beyond how it’s been defined through their work life. By finding your universal strengths, you can look for other ways to lean into them in retirement. Creating a sense of purpose and direction outside of work will be a very different experience for some, and the results can be surprising!

Retiring is a key life transition, and to be successful you need to create and define your own pathway.

This programme can be delivered as:

A Full-Day Workshop to a small group

Three 2-hour workshops to a small group

Individual coaching

Companies who have staff about to retire can support this life transition through providing this programme to their staff. If your staff member has made a stunning contribution to your company and you care about their future, then offering this support is a great final gesture recognising their value and caring about their wellbeing.

Retire with purpose; retire with success. Retirement can be the most rewarding time of your life – but if you are struggling to get there, this programme offers good support.

To enquire about this programme, email, fill in the contact form above, or call Lee on 021-515-373. 

Success for Mothers Returning to Work

Are you trying to be a superwoman? Or just a working mother? What’s the difference?!

This programme supports mothers who are returning to the work environment. This is a key transition in a woman’s life – and transition points where there is a lot of change and moving parts often need more support.

Many companies now are better about providing flexibility of work hours and working-from-home arrangements. You may be able to be on glide time (meaning you work your total hours in any combination across the week), or partial or full work-from-home hours. 

Many managers are also more accommodating with how mothers complete work. 

This is great – but as any mother knows, when it comes to motherhood things seldom go according to plan!

Jess (Mumma returning to work) and Bill

This programme can help mothers to:

Anyone who has been a parent knows that parenthood teaches you new skills. Any parent will offer their work place more than before they were a mother. That’s just because parenting is also professional development! This programme helps mothers be able to articulate some of this to others.

Companies who have valuable staff members returning to work after becoming mothers can offer this support to ensure a positive transition and ongoing strong contribution from the staff member.

This programme can be delivered as:

A Full-Day Workshop to a small group

Three 2-hour workshops to a small group

Individual coaching

Being a mother changes you – for the better! This programme will too.

To enquire about this programme, email, fill in the contact form above, or call Lee on 021-515-373. 

Success Huddle - 1-to-1 Success Coaching

If you’re the kind of person that works best one-to-one, then this style of individual coaching will be the best option for you.

One-to-one coaching will provide you with the opportunity for dedicated time with an accredited success facilitator. You can ask anything you want, and spend time on the things in the programme that you become most interested in. The facilitator will ensure you get out of your coaching exactly what you need to achieve your own sense of success.

This programme can be delivered in a number of ways:

This programme can be delivered as:

A Full-Day session in person

Three 2-hour sessions in person or on Zoom

Monthly hour-long sessions

(Focusing on problem-solving for those who have complex work environments, or are in the middle of a lot of change)

Quarterly two-hour sessions

(For those who want regular support after the initial coaching or involvement in any of our Personal Success Programmes.)

To enquire about this programme, email, fill in the contact form above, or call Lee on 021-515-373. 

Team Success – 1-day workshop for teams

When you have a team, the success of individuals is not as important as that of the whole team. That is the point of having a team. A great team can deliver outstanding work, that someone on their own could never achieve.

Relationships between team members are often complex. Not everyone thinks or works in the same way. People are motivated by different things, and work better at different times of the day.

This programme gives your team the opportunity to learn more about each other, whilst defining their own ideas about success. The more your team knows about each other, the better they understand and can achieve harmonious collaboration. Even very different people can work well in a team, once they understand how others tick and what is important to them. Too often we never set time aside to focus on these non-project things.

Work as a team through this programme and walk away with:

Ultimately, this programme helps teams be more productive, more engaged and happier as they will have a clear sense of direction and understanding.

This programme can be delivered as:

A Full-Day in person workshop

Three 2-hour sessions in person or on Zoom

To enquire about this programme, email, fill in the contact form above, or call Lee on 021-515-373.

Success Cafe

The Success Cafe is a fun environment to get stuck into some serious success work!

This programme is designed to engage people through groupwork. Together, you will work through each of the 10 Behaviours of successful people. You’ll discover which ones you are currently excelling in, and which you can develop. You’ll delve back into your own history, and identify your key personal concepts about success. You’ll use these to put together your own Unique Life Purpose (ULP) statement, which you can use to blow people away!

One of the key activities is looking at time management. It is always interesting as a group to see what priorities people give to their time, and how you can more quickly and effectively prioritise your work. You’ll probably be surprised at which things come through as time-wasters, and which are your top-priority areas of work. You’ll get to where you are sure you always spend your time on the most important things for future benefit.

This programme also helps identify any limiting beliefs you have, and empowers you to define your own success. Working with others will enable you to see many perspectives of success. As part of this programme you receive:

We love a stimulating and dynamic environment that is not boring! Learning and development should be transformative and interesting. Walk away energised and armed with some great tools to support your future success.

This programme can be delivered as:

3x 90-min in person workshops

1 Full day workshop

To enquire about this programme, email, fill in the contact form above, or call Lee on 021-515-373.

Learning Circle - Regular 90-day planning sessions

A Learning Circle is a regular group of people who come together every 90 days to keep in touch about their progress.

Once you have attended one of our other programmes, this will enable you to keep in touch with others who have had the same training. Together you will be able to witness each other’s progress, and stay motivated to keep revising your campaigns and goals.

This programme can be delivered as:

An in person workshop every 3 months

An online workshop every 3 months

To enquire about this programme, email, fill in the contact form above, or call Lee on 021-515-373.