The All Blacks could not succeed with only one player on the field. Even the great Richie McCaw would struggle to succeed without teammates. Here at ACBE, we are no different.

Kerry is responsible for the vision and, ultimately, the results of the small business coach team. He has developed it with an eye on being able to “cover every position”. Depending on your needs, he has the capacity to draw on a wide range of skillsets, meaning you will never be left with just one set of ideas.

Founder & Small Business Coach

Kerry Wood

I believe that life is not a dress rehearsal and that if you are going to do it then you must put 110% into it.

Whether the activity is business, music or sport, I believe that it is your attitude, intention and intensity that will bring you the success you desire and deserve. Energy, enthusiasm and knowledge combine to get the results you desire in life.

Business owners find that my experience of having owned multiple businesses (ranging from electrical contracting to book publishing, retail distribution through to financial software development and IT) gives me a varied and “real” insight into their operations.

The size of businesses I have owned range from an electrical contracting team of three, to a team of 190 IT and software professionals based all over the Pacific region.

I have enjoyed working for New Zealand’s largest company, Fletchers, in a senior group management role, mentoring and developing businesses through ENTERPRISE NZ.

Clients enjoy and benefit from practical, energetic and focused thoughts. As a small business coach, I bring a real passion for success to achieve all you can with your business and offer real world strategies, proven techniques, and great motivation to the table. Business owners enjoy the future-based goals and planning provided, coupled with the clear path to these goals – and the enjoyment along the way!

When not working as a small business coach, I will be found enjoying my other passions: three great kids, my trusty trumpet, any and all cooking, boxing at the gym and spending time at the beach.


Affiliated Coaches


Certified ActionCoach, Breakthrough Life Coach & Abundance Coach

Leah Baldwin

Moving your business beyond just making a living to creating a business that gives you MORE

Success in business is about making incremental improvements across the board, it’s lots of little things that have an impact collectively. Leah specialises in identifying those simple things you’re probably ignoring or think you’re in control of. then supports you in implementing the change you need to create a business that gives you MORE.

Certified ActionCoach

Robin Olivier

Growing businesses, transforming lives

Robin is a certified business and executive coach with over 25 years experience running his own businesses. My purpose is to help business owners and C-Suite executives live the life they deserve through creating time and money to do the important things in life.



Certified ActionCoach

Chris Whelan

I provide business owners and executives CLARITY and CERTAINTY in times of change

For Chris Whelan, nothing is more important than helping business owners achieve great outcomes, personally and professionally. He believes the first step is to spend quality time with clients, understanding their long-term goals and objectives and then identifying key strategies which will ultimately lead to achieving the necessary results. His cross-sector knowledge and global experience of Operations, Sales and Marketing and Finance and Admin has earned him a reputation as a hands-on business coach and mentor, helping business owners and managers to deliver effective, lasting results.