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A Massive Win For Beyond Electrical

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Here at Auckland Centre Of Business Excellence, we love working with our clients. Kerry has been coaching Richard and Peter at Beyond Electrical for 2 years now and has helped them achieve a total transformation of their business.

This is Richard’s story of the journey their business has taken with Kerry…

Peter and I began Beyond Electrical as very young tradesmen. We understood electrical work like the back of our hands, but business was a different story. I didn’t have any real business knowledge or skills when we first started out. There were lots of little items we should have been tracking, but weren’t aware that we had to.

Until Kerry came along.

With Kerry’s influence and targeting, we got on track, were able to understand the business better, and learned what it took to turn a better profit.

Working With Kerry

Beyond Electrical is a partnership business created 10 years ago. Having an expert outside source allows us to gain a different perspective on the business as a whole. He has helped us make some of the harder decisions when Peter and I have not been able to formulate an agreement.

He has also helped us to highlight the parts of the business that are working well, and those that are not. Kerry also has a keen eye for detail. This has been invaluable when looking over lease and purchase agreements, as he picks out phrases or details that we should be aware of. He always has the correct wording to make sure we are covered.

How Has Business Changed?

Since we started working with Kerry, we now understand our business as a whole and are able to implement procedures to make things run smoother.

We know what is making us profit and what is not. His advice has helped us decide which contracts we should hold onto and which we should move on from.

Kerry always keeps us on our toes and holds us accountable. Sometimes it is all too easy to fall into the comfort zone and truck along.

Our whole team benefits from having Kerry around. He is interested in how their studies are going and getting their opinion on how we could be doing things better. He is always running little sales sessions, giving the team better know-how and can-do advice.

A Massive Win

This year Kerry helped us to achieve a massive win. We took the huge step in acquiring a second business. We had been looking into this for a while, but finally made the leap after discussing it with Kerry. His knowledge of the industry allowed him to look at the deal objectively and know if it was a good investment or not. He attended the sales meeting and looked at the future costing and profit numbers. He reassured us it was a great opportunity and to push forward with the purchase.

We are really excited to see what the coming years have in store for us with this new acquisition.

Who Should Consider Business Coaching?

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, then coaching with Kerry could definitely be the way to do it.

You will never know where you could get to unless you try. Enter the process with an open idea of what works for both teams. There could be little things that you don’t see as major that could be just the change you require to get to the next level.

The extra push from Kerry and his extensive knowledge have lead to more spare time for us, and the help with future planning has been invaluable.

With him helping to keep an eye on all the small items we have improved our cash flow and allowed us to turn a better profit on the majority of the jobs we undertake.

You certainly won’t regret any time you spend with Kerry!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level like Richard and Peter? Then get in touch with Kerry at ACBE today for a no obligation free strategy chat. Regardless of the outcome, you will walk away from the call with plenty of actionable tips to get started on growing your business.

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