Your Client Journey – The Key To Making More Sales

Make more sales, make more profit, make more money.


Simply define with detail, and measure your customer journey. It is not a flight of fancy, nor is it a big secret.

The journey your customers take to do business with you – from learning about you, to become a new raving fan – is a huge resource for you and your successful future.

The more you know about your customer journey (e.g. what their expectations are and what you are able to deliver), the easier it will be for you to convert the masses. To bring in you massive sales and massive profit. Like all journeys, if everybody knows the destination and the steps that are needed to get there, then the more harmony and the more likely it is that you are all going to arrive there together!

Start by defining the steps in your customer journey. As an example a simple 5 step  customer journey could be..

  • How do the masses, the people walking through the streets, become aware of the problems that you solve? Your brand and what it is that you do? An educated market is a profitable market. If everybody knows what the problem is that you solve, and that you are the best in the business then they are more likely to deal with you.
  • How do you get your message in front of them? How do you make them consider what you are? And what you do? When they look at your brand your quality and the attributes that you bring to the problem that you solve, why would they consider you? Why would they pick you?
  • What is the process you use for acquiring new clients? How do you on board them so that they understand your requirements, so that you can provide your product or service in a manner that they will find exceptional.
  • How would your service or product actually meet their needs? What are you doing to create that wow moment when they know they’ve made the right choice. How will all parties know that they have a quality product and they have finished providing your service?.
  • How do you move the acquired client from being just a transactional client to one who would recommend you? What are the steps you take to build reputation?. What do you do to get the referral network working and how do you create social proof?


This is just a very very simple example of a client journey. The more detailed, the more measurable you make it the more successful it will be and the more successful your business will be.


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