A Powerful Success Secret

My mind literally blew when asked to write a blog about a powerful success secret! So many things ran through my head, including how I could narrow down all of the secrets to success to just one!

Success is Intrinsic
This then begged the question as to – well, who’s success am I helping or aiming this secret at? Can you ever write someone else’s success? Success to people can mean very different things; success to one person could be the CEO of a global company, whereas success to another person could be making it through the week and getting home in time to read a story to the kids. Is success intrinsically linked to someone’s own values?

What Does Success Look Like
The first powerful success secret is to ask yourself and write down what success looks like. What is the end result where you can say honestly that it was a success? Then write down what needs to happen for you to achieve it.

The Secret to Success is ‘doing’
For people to achieve success, they need passion, clarity, focus a vision and action. The “doing” is the most essential part as the quicker you do or act the quicker you will get you to your version of success. If you want success take control, be proactive and productive and be disciplined.

Focus is a Powerful Success Secret
Think about top sportspeople, they know what they want, what they are aiming for, and they will take control, get a coach and work consistently towards that goal, reflecting, reviewing and continually getting better. They may have days where they don’t want to train. However, if they want to be the best, they have to stay focused and get out of bed with a positive mindset.

To recap, the only person in control of success is the person chasing success.

Ask what success looks like to you? Be passionate, have clarity, focus and discipline.

Learn from mistakes, don’t fear making them but reflect and review.

Lastly…have fun!


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